Lupinus arboreus

Tree Lupine

Shrub green to silver-haired. Stems woody, upright. Leaves occur on stems with petioles 1–2 in. long. Leaves palmately divided into 5–12 leaflets. Flower spike 4–12 in. long, with fragrant, sulphur-yellow flowers about 1/2 in. long. Grows on coastal bluffs, sand dunes and inland. Native in California, introduced in Oregon, Washington, and Canada to control erosion on sand dunes and steep banks. Plants with purple or lilac flowers are sometimes found and thought to be hybrids.

  • Rarity: Locally Common
  • Flowering Time: All Spring And Summer
  • Life Cycle: Perennial
  • Height: to 80 inches
  • Habitat: Coastal
  • Found In: Olympic Np
  • Native: Yes

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