Erodium cicutarium

Redstem Storksbill

Tuft or rosette of 1–15 in. stems. Leaves upright or lying flat on ground, fern-like, divided into leaflets with pointed tips, slightly hairy. Flowers 1/3–2/3 in. across in clusters on long stalks from leaf axils. Flower with 5 red-lavender petals. Seed capsules divide from beak at bottom, twisting as they dry. Found throughout the western states in fields, roadsides, other open disturbed places, at low elevations.

  • Rarity: Common
  • Flowering Time: All Spring
  • Life Cycle: Annual, Biennial
  • Height: 1--12 inches
  • Habitat: Disturbed, Meadow
  • Found In: Olympic Np, Mt. Rainier Np, N Cascades Np, Wallowas, Steens, Siskiyous, West Gorge, East Gorge
  • Native: No

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