Boykinia major

Mountain Boykinia

Erect, stout stem coated with glands. Leaves with petioles 2–12 in. tall, with conspicuous, toothed, leaf-like stipules. Leaf blades to 8 in. across, lobed halfway to base, lobes with straight sides, entire or toothed. Flower head dense, more or less flat-topped. Flower petals white, about 1/5–1/4 in. across, broadly oval to round. Grows in shaded areas, moist meadows, banks.

  • Rarity: Locally Common
  • Flowering Time: All Summer
  • Life Cycle: Perennial
  • Height: 12--36 inches
  • Habitat: Meadow, Moist Riverbanks
  • Found In: Crater Lake Np, Siskiyous, Olympic Np
  • Native: Yes

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