Cypripedium montanum

Mountain Lady's-Slipper

Stem erect, with clasping leaves. Leaves alternate, lance-shaped. Flowers 1–3, depending on age of plant, attached above leaf. Flower pouch large, white, with purple veins; petals purple, elongated, twisted; upper and lower purple sepals wider than petals and wavy. Grows in mixed conifer forests in deep humus, sometimes along roads, at low to mid- and into high elevations. This and all lady's-slippers need the association of soil fungi and should never be disturbed.

  • Rarity: Rare
  • Flowering Time: Early Summer
  • Life Cycle: Perennial
  • Height: 10--30 inches
  • Habitat: West-Side Forest, East-Side Forest
  • Found In:
  • Native: Yes