Hypericum scouleri ssp. nortoniae

Western St. John's Wort

Erect, hairless. Stems few, usually unbranched from base. Leaves on stem opposite, sessile, egg-shaped to oval, 1/3–1 in., flat, with black dots along edges. Flowers in open clusters flowers atop stem. Flower to 1 in. across. Sepals 5, with pointed tips, black dots. Petals 5, longer than sepals, bright yellow, with black dots on edges. Stamens showy, numerous in clusters. Grows in wet meadows, streambanks. Subsp. scouleri has rounded points on sepals.

  • Rarity: Common
  • Flowering Time: All Summer
  • Life Cycle: Perennial
  • Height: 6--24 inches
  • Habitat: Meadow, East-Side Forest, Moist Riverbanks
  • Found In: Wallowas
  • Native: Yes

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