Mimulus primuloides

Primrose Monkeyflower

Dense mats of leaves bearing erect thin stems. Leaves shiny or covered with slimy white hairs. Subsp. linearifolius has long, thin, erect leaves, flowering stems to 5 in. Subsp. primuloides has oval to round leaves in rosettes, short flower stems. Both subspecies have rigid leafless stems, single erect flowers. Flowers yellow, lobes widely spreading, tips notched, 3 lower lobes each with red dot at throat. Grows in wet seeps, edges of streams, at mid to high elevations.

  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Flowering Time: Mid Summer
  • Life Cycle: Perennial
  • Height: to 5 inches
  • Habitat: Meadow, Bog/Fen/Wetland, Moist Riverbanks
  • Found In: Wallowas, Steens, Olympic Np, N Cascades Np
  • Native: Yes