Phacelia heterophylla

Varied-Leaf Phacelia

Erect with curved ascending side stems. Stems weak, with stiff hairs, glandular. Leaves gray-green, basal, with petiole longer than lance-shaped to oval, divided leaf blades. Leaflets 1–2 pairs and one larger at tip. Inflorescence has short, very bristly hairs, long and narrow with flower stalks among leaves. Flower calyx hairy, often purplish, petals fused, bell-shaped, yellowish or greenish white to lavender, stamens extending outward. Grows in rocky slopes, flat open areas, at low to high elevations. Similar P. nemoralis has stinging hairs on the stems, grows west of the Cascade Mountains.

  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Flowering Time: Mid Summer
  • Life Cycle: Biennial, Perennial
  • Height: 1--3 feet
  • Habitat: Meadow, East-Side Forest, Disturbed, Shrub-Steppe
  • Found In: Wallowas, Siskiyous, Steens, East Gorge, Crater Lake Np, N Cascades Np
  • Native: Yes