Sedum oregonense

Creamy Flowered Stonecrop

Sprawling succulent with ascending flowering stems from basal rosette. Leaves covered in whitish powder, egg- to spoon-shaped, widest above middle, rounded, with slight notch. Leaves on stems smaller. Inflorescence dense, with 3–16 flowers. Flowers united more than halfway, with rounded or slightly pointed tips, pale yellow or cream, usually drying to salmon. Grows in rocky ledges, gravelly places, talus slopes, at mid elevations.

  • Rarity: Uncommon
  • Flowering Time: All Summer
  • Life Cycle: Perennial
  • Height: 3--6 inches
  • Habitat: Subalpine, Rocky Places, West-Side Forest
  • Found In: Crater Lake Np, Siskiyous
  • Native: Yes